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Who Hearts Jimmy

LORI, webmaster.

I’m a mom, a photographer, a movie buff, and a social media geek. My fan-ship to Jimmy started back in 1998 when he became an SNL cast member, but it’s when he began hosting LNJF that it turned into complete devotion. I had the privilege of first meeting him in Dec 2009, then again in March 2010 and August 2010. I was able to see him walk the red carpet in Aug. 2010 when he hosted the Emmys. The lack of fan sites dedicated to him led me to start this blog in August 2009. I had the honor of interviewing Jimmy on St. Patricks Day 2011. Jimmy is funny, handsome, adorable, and incredibly talented, but it’s his genuine personality & kindness that I love the most.  I’d love to hear from you so just email or leave a comment!



Liz, co-admin.

I am currently a student attending school in Pennsylvania majoring in Speech-Language Pathology, and Jimmy has played a big role in my college career. When I started school, I would stay up for Leno and occasionally leave the TV on to catch Jimmy’s monologues. My transition from “Hey, I kinda like this guy” to “Is it 12:37 yet?” happened rapidly, and the rest is history. Since then, I haven’t missed an episode and I attend tapings as often as they let me. The talent of Jimmy and everyone at the show blows my mind, and I’m lucky to be fan.  @lizfedak


  1. Hi Brenna! I really do hope you get to see a show this year. Definitely something to look forward to. Thanks so much for your comment. Nice to meet you!!

  2. hi all you falpals :). youve probably been a falpal longer than me, im only 17 and im shattered cause i only discovered Jimmy in May 2011. but the more i watch Late Night the more i fall in love. im the only person at my school that likes Jimmy every time i mention Jimmy Fallon or his show everybody doesn’t know who im talking about witch is not cool. My ultimate dream job would have to be anything that involves working with Jimmy. but sadly i live in Australia. but when im 21 i would like to fly over too New York and either see him in person or see Late Night. my mates always ask me why i like Jimmy Fallon so much. and i always tell them “Jimmy Fallon, his my Justin Bieber”.

  3. When I was younger I would watch Saturday Night Live, and I thought Jimmy was the sweetest and cutest guy ever. The way he would start laughing during a skit just made me giggle.
    I watch his show, and I have seen every movie he has been in. Jimmy seems so genuine, sweet, and amazing.
    I love Jimmy so much, and I hope one day I get to meet him. :)

  4. I love Jimmy Fallon my whole family does everybody from my nine year old sister to my 86 year old grandma!

  5. I heart Jimmy! I went to see his show- my cousin brought me as a surprise. (due to my obsession) It was so exciting that I could barely comprehend what was going on during the show but got to see the best part- Thank yous!

    It was an amazing experience for a true fan, and to top it all off I got a high five at the end..

  6. Hey fellow fans, I live in Indiana and I am so excited that Jimmy is
    coming for the Super Bowl. I am desperate to be in the audience but I
    have not heard any word on how to get tix. If anyone knows please
    share. Thanks!! Even my husband loves Jimmy, we DVR the show
    everyday and watching it together is the part of our day.

  7. Hi Heather! You can find the information about Indianapolis tickets at http://www.latenightwithjimmyfallon.com/indystudenttickets.

  8. Im so excited to have discovered a website dedicated just to Jimmy! I love Late Night and will be attending the Super Bowl show and will be attending another taping of Late Night in NYC in March! I really hope Im lucky enough to snag a pic with him and just tell him how awesome I think he is! Love that I have found fellow Jimmy lovers!!

  9. Just wanted to give a “shout out” to Lori and her crew for posting and
    keeping us FalPals informed of the latest Jimmy news.
    A big thank you to Lori. When Jimmy announced he was bringing his
    show to Indy. I asked Lori in a direct message on twitter to inform me
    when she got word when tickets were available. I thought she wouldn’t
    BUT SHE DID ! Thanks to her I am going to one of the shows !

    Shout outs ? I didn’t know we were doing shouts. Can I do one Jimmy ?

    twitter- Bob_a_lu

  10. Thanks for the shout out Bob! You’re sweet. Have the BEST time in Indy!!

  11. Thank you for creating and maintaining this site! I heart Jimmy Fallon a lot! So… when’s he gonna host the Oscars..? ;-D

  12. Oh my goodness, am I crazy, or did you guys change websites? I was so disappointed when I thought you guys had closed down. Where was I going to get all my Jimmy news?!? But after a quick Google search, here you are, still alive and kicking!!! YAY!!! Thanks so much for keeping the site updated, you guys are the BEST!!

  13. Renee Collier

    July 27, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    I adore Jimmy Fallon you kindness and your talent are outstanding. You seem to be a very geniune person. The Capital One commercial with you and the baby is my favortie. You are going to be a phemomenal father. I hope to meet you one day. Much continued suceess.

  14. Im a 19 yr old college studet and when Late Night W/Jimmy Fallon
    launced first came out I became an instant fan. I soon started looking at
    hIs SNL skits and was blown away. He a handsome,funny amazingly
    talented human being. My dream is to fly to NY just to watch one of his
    shows in person,as a true FALPAL I cannot wait for that day.

  15. I am 31 and I love anything that has to do with jimmy. I absolutely love and adore him and also hope to get tickets to his show soon. He is ridiculously funny and has more charisma than anyone I’ve ever seen!!

  16. Yay!! So excited to find this website. I am a huge fan of Jimmy but never until recently seeked out other fansites. I’m a 34 yr old mother of 2. I love watching LNJF sketches with my boys who laugh along with me. I’m hoping to get tickets this summer and go to NYC to see Jimmy live with my BFF

  17. Thanks for coming to the website Kelly! I hope you are able to go to a LNJF taping! They are so much fun!

  18. Hi everyone!
    Thank you for the interview!
    I am French and have been following Jimmy Fallon since I moved here in Norfolk, VA. He is just the best!
    Love his show and I can’t wait to see him on the Tonight show.
    If I ever go to NYC, my #1 thing to do is try to get a place to see his show! My husband laughs about it (he’s american and he is the one who introduced me to the JF awesomeness)
    Thank you so much for having a website.
    Keep on going!

  19. hey guys
    I am a very recent Jimmy Fallon fan. I fell in love with this show about January 2013 when I got interested in Late Night and who he was all about. Since then I have watched all most every episode and any clip of Jimmy on youtube. he is so sweet and relatable which is what I find so amazing about him. he does not drag all the drama regarding NBC around him and just floats all above him. Now that he is taking over Jay I could not be more happier and so exited. My goal is to come to New York and watch a show though I live in Australia and it would be a long trip. So yeah just gushing about the new it man in my life. And omg how hot is he, so hot and he is married which makes him even more sexy because of the way he talks about his wife. I know I can never have him though I will try and find someone who makes me laugh just as much as Jimmy. So thanks for letting me submit my true feelings xoxoxoxo @LoveIsabella8 and if you want to follow me on twitter please do so

  20. I like Jimmy Fallon. He’s very funny and he has the greatest gift of all
    and that is making people laugh. I have to say he’s one of my favorite
    comedians of all time. He is a no-nonsense person and he really
    means what he says whenever we see him talk on a interview, at the
    Emmys, on the red carpet… you name it!!! Nobody messes with him!

  21. This is ridiculous! I am a 43 year old English actress and I haven’t had this big a crush on a “celebrity” since David Soul when I was 10! I just adore Sir Jimmy of the Fallon and am very greateful for this great site. Well done. Keep up the Fallontastic work.

  22. p.s Does this make me an official falpal or just a Fallonfanatic?

  23. Thank you all for visiting the site! You guys are such awesome FalPals! :-)

  24. I have never “fanned” anyone in my life, but I adore Jimmy Fallon.
    Thank you Lorne Michaels for recognizing his amazing talent.
    Like most of you here would agree, the brilliance of Jimmy goes way beyond just talent. It is his genuine playfulness and amazing adorableness, goodness…
    Adore you Jimmy! When he mentioned begging his parents to stay up and watch the tonight show with Jonny when he was a kid and saying it would mean so much if kids were asking the same of their parents to see him, i teared up, my daughter has been begging me to stay up to watch him (she is 13). She does not stay up, but we have been DVR ‘ing it. Together we’re watching. Jimmy is the best thing to happen to the world in a long time, maybe ever.

  25. Hi,
    I LOVE JIMMY. He is my first celebrity crush ever that I follow, tweet and I love the Tonight show! My husband thinks I am crazy. We watch you every night Jimmy and we go to bed laughing. That’s what makes it fun right. My dream job (when I grow up :) ) would be to work for or with Jimmy. At the least, visit NYC and see the set and meet The Roots. I am a busy mom of 5 kids…contemplating on our 6th. Someday I see it becoming a dream come true. Jimmy is just so diversely talented. I began this crush after seeing “Fever Pitch.” I pretty much eat, sleep and breathe Jimmy. I run sketches through my head all day and of different shows he could do. I love the new set. Well planned out. I loved his recent show too with Adam Sandler an Drew Barrymore. That was awesome. the U2 concert was phenomenal!
    He is everything I Feel I want to be but on camera. he is so loving, friendly, and knows how to let lose on the screen. I love that he loves people and enjoys life. I love that he loves his wife and Winnie. All around great person. I am happy to share my nights with him and someday hope to meet him. :) Thanks for this site. Oh yea, he’s hot! He looks great in his casual clothes anyway, but a man in a suit HOT! Love green and blues on him. he also has the most beautiful eyes. I watched him with my 2 yr old last night. He held my two yr olds attention the entire hour. it was amazing. WE LOVE YOU JIMMY!

  26. Hi, I’m a big big fan of Jimmy’s since he started SNL when I was in college.
    I was wondering if I can join this club and/or if I can come along if you guys get to see him. I live in Hong Kong, but I am more than willing to travel just to see Jimmy! I also have a lot of experience shooting interviews and can help out with recording as I have tripods, microphones, video-cameras.. etc. Please get in touch with me! I’d love to help out!

  27. Hi guys! I truly love Jimmy I am so hooked on the tonight show because of him, it sucks that I am in Mexico and I can’t get to watch it every night but YouTube helps a little. I might be the newest fan but OH MY GOD! I’m so so hooked! He is so funny, so cute, I can’t stop watching him!! He can have whoever next to him and he shines like the sun! I hope some day I can make the trip to New York and try to get tickets for the show, I just wanted to say thanks for this page so lucky those of you who have met him… I’d appreciate more info videos pictures the whole thing… Thanks a lot!

  28. What photo of Jimmy would any of you choose for a desktop screensaver? I update mine all the time. Every time i look at it and see Jimmy, it gives me a giant smile on my face.

  29. I absolutely love your website :) I recently became a fan of Jimmy Fallon and it’s been such a blast getting to know him on The Tonight Show, watching old episodes of Late Night, SNL, and some of the movies he made. He really has impacted my life. The laughter he brings to people is a gift. I was able to get tickets for The Tonight Show for May and I’m stoked!! It was an adventure getting them :) it’s really cool to share this love for Jimmy with all of the falpals 😀 Thank you Lori, Alex, and Kim, it’s been a blast visiting iheartjimmy. He truly deserves all the love <3

  30. Hi there! I think this website is great! Nice job! I’m a long time Jimmy fan. I got to watch him at a few live SNL’s and I met him back before he got LASIK surgery and wore glasses sometimes. He also still had that mole on the back of his hand! I remember staring at it while he signed my copy of TBW. I continued to be a fan after he left SNL, and I tried to stay in touch with other fans by running a JF type message board, but it got to the point where I couldn’t do it anymore. I’m wondering if any of this fans are on here. We used to have fun on that board. I still looked Jimmy up every now and then to see what he was up to. He layed low for a while. My other encounters with Jimmy went like this: I was doing stand by for SNL one day back in 2008 with my husband when low and behold guess who should happen to be walking into the 30 Rock building? You got it! Jimmy Fallon! My husband got to meet him. I think Jimmy was in talks to take on Late Night back then because shortly thereafter he started hosting the show. I went to Late Night twice, both times were great experiences. Getting tickets to the Tonight Show has been a challenge, but l’ll keep trying. From a super loyal fan! 😉

  31. I am soooo excited! I just happened to stumble across this website kind of by accident! I love it…I have been following Jimmy Fallon even since Saturday Night Live and now never miss an episode of The tonight show… I just think he is hilarious and seems so down to earth that he almost seems embarrassed by his popularity…I maybe going to New York and would love to be at a taping, love when he does the lip sync battles. and also #hastag the Panda super loyal fan :) great website!!

  32. I love this website! This is one of the best Jimmy Fallon fan website ever! Hopefully I get to meet him one day. Hes coming to Orlando next month and his tickets sold out in 30min. But its okay I just have to chase my dreams to meet Jimmy Fallon no matter what! Always smile and be positive. I made a parody of jimmy Fallon eww! I hope you guys see it and enjoy!
    Search you FineartandBeauty on youtube! :)

    Ew Jimmy Fallon Parody With Cara And Becky

  33. This website is genius! I’ve been in love with jimmy since his LNWJF days, and he’s doing a great job on the Tonight Show. I live in Australia so its basically impossible for me to ever meet Jimmy, but I live in hope that maybe one day I’ll meet him in person!

    Love your work guys!

  34. Alyssa Miller

    July 1, 2014 at 10:08 pm

    hello my name is Alyssa. I first noticed jimmy through youtube videos which were funny and I couldn’t get enough of them. I started watching late night on January 2,2014. I started to watch the old videos of him on snl. I also have three of his movies: snl best of jimmy fallon, taxi, and fever pitch. his goal for his show is to leave the people who are watching his show a big smile on their face before they go to bed. well he achieved his goal for me and probably everyone who watches his show. if I have a bad day I can count on jimmy fallon to make it better! I truly love jimmy fallon and I really want to meet him someday! I also really love this site. who ever made this did a really good job!! I appreciate you making this site!!

  35. Thank you Alyssa!

  36. Jimmy is AWESOME eye candy in his suit and tie !!!!! His smile warms my heart !!!!!!!
    ASK JIMMY: What lullaby/songs do you sing to Winnie at her nap time or bed time?
    Thanks so much.

  37. I love Jimmy so much! I started watching him towards the ending late night days! Just in time to see him move to the tonight show. I don’t even think I can describe my love for him. He’s just purely amazing. So down to earth. Just the definition of a sweet person. I admire him so much he’s my hero and such an inspiration. He has, his whole life, dedicated it to making people laugh and have a good time. It’s amazing. And no fame could ever change him, he’s still the same amazingly adorable guy ever and wow his laugh is the cutest thing ever to be known wow. I hope to meet him some day, especially because he’s not one of those celebrities that wave away their fans in public, but instead smiles, talks and hugs them. I don’t want to put too much bc I could go on forever but he’s so amazing and brightens up my life day by day.

  38. ishmel corneille

    November 21, 2014 at 1:01 pm

    im a 14 year old high school student in africa when i first saw jimmy fallon was in an episode my dad made me watch of SNL i thouht he was a realy funny weird guy i honestly think his daughters are lucky to have him

  39. I am a 44 year old mother of two young adults (25 and 22), and I’m not ashamed to admit that I absolutely adore Jimmy Fallon!! He is extremely talented and funny, and what’s best, he seems like he’s probably one of the nicest people you could ever meet. Every morning I watch the previous night’s episode of The Tonight Show while getting ready for work. It starts my day off right. I especially love his witty humor, and his musical talent, which I don’t feel gets enough recognition. I think Jimmy and Justin should do an album together and go on tour. I would pay the money to sit front row. I just want to say “thank you Jimmy” for making me laugh and giving me more to look forward to every day.

  40. roseann sullivan

    December 24, 2014 at 2:51 pm

    I love this website, I am a die hard fan and a grandmother! Jimmy is timeless, he makes all of us laugh. I know he will be starring on the Tonight Show for a very long time. He has raised the bar for talk show hosts, and we are lucky for that! Keep up the good work!

  41. I am a huge Jimmy Fallon fan. Like too huge. The weird thing about my fandom is that I’m only 11! Most kids my age like people like 5SOS or Nash Grier. But I couldn’t have a more fun filled fandom then being a Falpal. All my friends think I am a weirdo but they thankfully accept that. I really hate that I probably never will be able to meet him or go to his shows. I may or may not have gone into a bit of a “phase” in which I was depressed but not really depressed. I still am kinda heartbroken that I learned about Jimmy so late but it’s so much better then never. I am really hoping that one day I might find a Falpal who’s my age and just as passionate about Jimmy I am. Or maybe even be able to meet Jimmy! And finally, I would really like to thank you for creating this awesome website for all kinds of Falpals! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Hii,

    I haven’t gone through your whole website just yet, but im pretty sure by just reading your intro about how you became a fan of Jimmy that i am in the right place to express my Love for Jimmy too.
    I’m a totally Fan of his and I’m kinda the reason why my whole family is a fan of his too. I dream of meeting him some day, but being that im from Australia that day seem next to impossible.
    I’ve watched everything i can get my hands on that Jimmy has starred in but the one thing im still dying to see is the Movie ‘The $cheme’ seem like i cant find it anywhere and it kinda breaks my heart.
    I’m a total Movie Freak ! and just knowing that i cant find this movie kills me.
    anyways, i really do think im going to enjoy your web fan page on Jimmy and i do hope that maybe you’ll see this message and write back some day.

    Thanks Falpal
    Lizzie :)

  43. Hey,

    Im a huge Jimmy Fallon fan but I’m only 13. I just read one of the comments on here about an 11 year old that likes him, but I feel the same way. I mean my best friend thinks its weird that I like him because most people at my school like one direction,5SOS, or some other band, or celebrity. I really want to grow up and become a comedian laughing is the best medicine and I’ve always wanted to be a comedian as a kid, I really want to become a cast member on snl and maybe be interview by jimmy one day. Im am so happy that I discovered an amazing human being he’s the one that makes me smile whenever I hear his name, and whenever I’m at school I can’t wait to get home to watch youtube videos or recorded shows of his. I’m so happy and grateful of this site and happy there are other Falpals out there that understand me. Hopefully I will one day I meet him and ask him a few question like you lori.

    P.S. love this website

  44. Thank you for visiting the site Madison! Follow your dreams!

  45. So in 2011 I left that comment near the top that I thought Jimmy was genuinely amazing and cute and funny. On Friday, May 15th of this year I finally got to go to a show taping. I got to ask him a question during a commercial break. I got to hug him during the credits (#blessed), he called me pal (I died), and I also got to tell him I loved him and he said he loved me too (I died again). I never thought I would ever get to meet him and he was so sweet and it was so fun.

  46. So glad you had an amazing experience at the show taping!

  47. Well I just turned 14 on September 9th and I am known at school by some close friends as the 41 year old lover. I don’t really care that Im in love with a now 41 year old man known as JIMMY FALLON. He makes my life so much better and puts joy into life in general. I kinda procrastinate some times just watching his old and new videos on youtube. I kinda became a falpal towards the end of the year last year. I don’t really know how it happened I just stumbled upon some videos and was hooked. He is a charming man and I couldn’t un see or take my eyes off of him. How could you not love him. He’s also not the only 30-40 year old man I had a major celebrity crush on. I use to be in love with Mike Myers but grew out of the phase. My best friend always tells me how I have a certain taste in guys because Mike and Jimmy are kinda similar. Also Jimmy and Mike and some other comedians including Robin Williams have inspired me to be a comedian. But getting to the point and why I’m writing another reply on this fan based website
    ( by the way love it), is that Im just here to share the sam love to the man in my life just like you pals. Keep up the good work guys on updating this amazing website for Jimmy.

  48. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve visited this website but I still love Jimmy as much as ever the only regret that I have is that I wasn’t watching him back in the LNJF days(it was on too late for me) and I try to find as many old clips that I can online but sadly a lot I found have been taken down my other regret(yes I have another one) is that for 6 1/2 months due to an accident I wasn’t able to stay up and watch the show and join in with the live tweet…I missed so much and now I’m more determined then ever to go to the show one day and hopefully get to talk to Jimmy and thank him for all he does for everyone. Especially me during my recovery and I also want to thank the great pals at IheartJimmy for posting the latest on Jimmy…Jimmy and this website was my lifeline for all those months and I appreciate it more then you’ll ever know :) words cannot express my gratitude

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