10 thoughts on “Jimmy Fallon’s Capital One Commercial

  1. Maybe I’ve been working in my church’s nursery too long….but I thought this was hilarious!

  2. Been a fan of jimmy since he started, but he screwed up in commercial. He moves back before the actual swing is thrown. Makes for a bad take. He should have done it over so it didn,t look so preplanned. Very cute baby was good.

  3. Ive got to find the credits for this commercial, like who supplied his suit and tie etc? Can you help?

  4. We watch your show every night!! Love it!!! I was just wondering if the baby was yours, Jimmy?? “Adorable” an a “Great Commercial”!! Keep up the “Great Work”!!! We Love Your Show!!!

  5. Absolutely my most favorite commercial…The baby is wonderful and of
    course so is Jimmy…..Love It….

  6. I’ve never tried to find how to say “LOVE THESE COMMERCIALS” but this little girl’s expressions are priceless!! And Jimmy Fallon is wonderful, too! I hated the vikings but whoever’s creativity went into this series needs a bonus! Keep’em comin’ guys.

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